Mike Weir's Winning Wines

Building success not only in professional golf, but in the wine industry as well, Weir thrives in the business world
 Mike Weir's Winning Wines


Mike Weir, a popular Canadian professional golfer who famously beat Tiger Woods in the 2007 Presidents Cup, is successful in the world of professional golf. But what’s inspiring about Weir isn’t only his successful golfing career. Finding time to not only work toward sport success despite an arm injury, Weir has also balanced running the operations of his own business and a charity organization.

Mike Weir Wine

Did you know that Weir has a passion for wine? Not many people do, as his professional golfing career overshadows his business ventures in the media. Getting into the industry with his wife based on a passion for wine, Weir entered the wine industry with just five rows of vines in his front yard. Parallel to growth of the Niagara wine industry recognition, Weir’s interest in wine-making increased and he launched his first wines in April of 2005. Today, Mike Weir Winery is award winning and has become a successful venture for Weir, something he is proud of.

“I take great interest in everything we are doing at Mike Weir Winery and I'm very passionate about the quality of our wine. I hope to get more and more involved over time but my tour schedule and young family are my priorities. Bricia and I entertain a lot at our home and I love to bring my wines out. Not so much to promote them but to watch people’s faces when they find out they're from Canada and the Niagara Peninsula. Not many Americans know that we have a burgeoning wine region and even fewer know how good the wine is. I'm very proud to be able to further the cause of Canadian and Niagara wines through my travel and the many opportunities that are afforded me,” said Weir on the Weir Wine Industry website.

The winery is additionally a way Weir raises funds for the Mike Weir Foundation, a charity run by Weir and his wife whose mission is to “advance the physical, emotional and educational welfare of children in Canada”. To date the foundation has raised over $5 million toward children’s wellness – $3 million specifically for children’s healthcare. 

“I truly hope you enjoy my wines and understand that your purchase is helping us make a difference in children's lives. I hope you share your stories about wine and golf with me as well. I can promise you that I'll bring the same passion and commitment to quality wine as I have to my golf career and I hope you join me in that journey,” said Weir.

In the professional golf realm, Weir’s career highlights,  namely in 2003, winning the Masters Tournament, placing third at the U.S. Open, ranking third in the Official World Golf Rankings, and winning the Lou Marsh trophy for outstanding Canadian athlete of the year put Weir on the map.  Today, Weir’s sports career has been on hiatus due to medical leave but has his sights set on Pebble Beach this month.

Utilizing his competitive spirit for not only his sports career but the Niagara wine community as well, it’s clear Weir has implemented his success on and off the golf course. 

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