The 12th Annual Quebec Ice Hotel Opens to the Public

Hôtel de Glace is a unique Quebec accommodation created completely from ice, providing guests a stay in a perfect winter wonderland
 Hôtel de Glace Ice Bar  Quebec Ice Hotel



The Quebec Ice Hotel or Hôtel de Glace is officially open to the public starting today.  Open from January 6th to March 25th, guests are able to experience an overnight stay in an igloo-like structure, completely surrounded by ice.

Created from scratch every year, the Quebec Ice Hotel has new features annually. 2012’s designs of the Ice Hotel are dedicated to Northern Québec and the First Nations. Whether just stopping for a visit or staying overnight, visitors will be able to take a journey through folklore and modernity. Activities available during the 2012 season include an ice skating rink that reaches 40 feet in diameter and the longest covered slide that is created completely from ice and snow, fun for those young or young at heart.

Additionally, through the 2012 season, the Quebec Ice Hotel will offer themed weekends emphasizing the First Nations of Northern Québec. Events include festive evenings at the Ice Bar, Grand Opening Night, Folkloric Sundays at the Sugar Shack, and Spring Break “Family Winter Pleasures”.




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 The hotel is definitely a unique accommodation and takes its creation seriously. The hotel utilizes nature’s natural winter gift in its amenities creating everything from ice including its chandeliers, beds, chairs, plates and even glasses in the Ice Bar. Fortunately, the hotel understands the need for warmth and therefore provides hot tubs and saunas to guests who are venturing into the frigid adventure of the overnight stay.

Will you take the Ice Hotel challenge this year and see if you can sleep through the night surrounded by -3 to -5 Celsius temperatures? Whether you embrace the cold or just stop by for activities and cocktails, the Quebec Ice Hotel is definitely something to see for yourself. 


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