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Freybe - Premium Taste and Quality through Tradition

Meredith Shepherd

Delighting customers with tasty products, crafted with tradition and tomorrow's thinking
Freybe - Premium Taste and Quality through Tradition

Freybe Gourmet Foods is a sixth generation family run business, that manufactures deli meats, sausages, hams and other types of specialty meats.

At Freybe, traditional family values meld with modern day thinking and production methods to provide premium quality products with a taste that delights consumers. Vice President of Sales and Marketing Rod Terry said the company wants to stay focused on our goal of providing the best tasting products for our consumers to enjoy, while adding value to our retail partners business.

The company has been passed down through the Freybe family since its founding in 1844, and it continues to carry that 167 years of history and tradition into the guiding principles of its business.


Johann Carl Freybe opened the first Freybe store in Stettin, Prussia. Over the next number of years the company continued to develop and flourish with further generations of the family joining the business.   In keeping with the forward-thinking vision the company moved to Canada under the vision of Ulrich Freybe (4th generation) in 1955 and ultimately to the new state-of-the-art production facility in Langley, BC in 2001.

“Sven Freybe, the company’s 6th generation leader, is the President and CEO,” Terry says. “The company has gained greatly from the family-owned aspect.”

The business plans for the company are based on continuous improvement and development, ensuring the guiding principles of taste and quality remain paramount to our customer proposition.

“Tradition is important and we use this to guide us as we strive to continually improve in all aspects of what we do and what we deliver to our customers.” Terry says.


Since the family-owned company has been around for some time, its experiences and knowledge set it apart from other food companies in the field.

“We are forward thinkers in terms of ingredients,” Terry says. “We have removed MSG, Gluten and (where possible) lactose from our products for some time now.  . We always want to provide the Freybe consumer with superior quality and taste consistently.

To test their confidence in the quality of products produced, in 1976 Freybe stared entering international competitions.  This confidence has been validated and the company has received over 600 medals for ham, sausage and other deli meats over the years. In 2010 Freybe won 22 gold medals and two silver medals out of 24 submissions, as well as  one crystal trophy for overall excellence at the International Meat & Sausage Competition in Wels, Austria.

 “We are very proud of our “Gold Medal” achievements in these competitions and our consistently top rated results show we are producing products here in Canada that is as good as anything available on the world stage. Terry says. 


As a forward thinking organization, Freybe is very active in investing in its future to maintain and even enhance their products.

A recent addition to the facility is the new state-of-the-art High Pressure Processing (HPP) machine. High Pressure Processing is a natural, environmentally friendly process that uses extremely high pressure to maintain the fresh food characteristics like flavour and nutrients, while eliminating any potential bactreia or pathogens.  It is a real alternative to traditional thermal and chemical treatments.

“The HPP equipment is a great example of our willingness to invest into our business.  Decisions to make this type of investment are always driven by ensuring the product integrity is maintained and the consumer experience is not compromised in any way” Terry says. “Health and safety is supremely important to us as an organization.”

From start to finish the company ensures that everything about the product is on par with the Canadian Food Inspaction and USDA Standards.. A very important aspect of this commitment to safety is the company recently gained Safe Quality Food (SQF) certification. SQF in a globally recognized recognition of superior quality and safety manufacturing practices.  Freybe is extremely proud to have qualified for this designation and is a strong testament and validation of our efforts. 

“All aspects of production are thoroughly documented and maintained throughout the entire facility.  The process is very precise,” Terry says.


Besides delivering great quality products, other important aspects of Freybe include a commitment to sustainability and being an outstanding corporate citizen

Freybe’s facility is located directly behind a stream where migrating salmon travel. Terry said the business installed a rain water filtration system to protect the salmon and allows them to have the use of a clean stream.

Also, the company installed a smoke house system that reduces exhaust smoke by 99 per cent and natural gas uses by 35 per cent.

Even the construction of the building was done with the environment in mind.  The building was built with Zerolock high sustainability panels that can be removed whenever and then recycled,” Terry says.

Respecting the environment is very important to Freybe according to Terry. The company is a part of Climate Smart- an organization that helps businesses reduce carbon emissions and their overall draw on environmental resources.

According to Climate Smart’s website, Freybe has saved over 530,000 kWh of electricity in the last nine months by switching their lights from metal-halides to T5s.


Since the business is always looking towards the future, of course their plans include expansion.

“One of our core key expansion plans is to develop more business in other geographical areas, like Eastern Canada and the US.,” Terry says. “We want to selectively expand our distribution and partner with retailers that fit within the profile of this company.”

Expansion has always been a huge aspect of Freybe. Branching out to the company means sharing the mouth-watering tastes with new consumers.


Providing superior customer service is of paramount importance to the company. 

“We are very proud of our customer service and how well we meet the demands of our ever changing marketplace.  We never rest on our laurels however, and are always looking for improvement. The principle of the organization is to always constantly better ourselves,” Terry says.

“At the end of the day our customers and consumers are who we are here to provide our products for.  We have to ensure we always prioritize their requirements to guide our business.”

“We are a high end player in the marketplace and we need to ensure that our customer service is a strong attribute for us,” Terry says.

“We want to be proud and comfortable with what we put on the market,” Terry says. “It is a huge sense of pride if the consumer puts our product on their plate and enjoys it.”

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